What comes next after you have been through the Divine  Healing Technician Training?

Life Teams!

What better place to begin to work out the new things you have learned in the DHT than in a small group setting like a Life Team. Being a part of a Life Team has many wonderful benefits that will help you grow in your faith and be involved in the work of the ministry.

What is a JGLM Life Team?

Life Teams are weekly meetings held in believers homes that include: fellowship, worship, Bible teaching, prayer, and outreach opportunities, all with the message of hope, healing, and victory that has characterized the John G. Lake Ministry. Acts 2:42, Acts 2:46

How Can I Find a JGLM Life Team in My Area?

Visit our LifeTeam directory here.

What if I Can’t Find a JGLM Life Team in My Area?

If a Life Team hasn’t developed in your area yet, you might consider setting up a Life Team yourself. Starting a Life Team is fun and easy and we’re here to help you!  Please start by filling out this form.

Life Team Leader Application



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